Ed Brown SF3-SS-G4-LR-SR
.45 ACP

The Special Forces SR pistol from Ed Brown is built for pure performance and extreme use. We started with our government model frame with integral light rail, and added a fully blended magwell for a smooth fit and quick magazine changes. Ready for use with a suppressor, our threaded barrel is…read more

Volquartsen Evolution
.223 Rem

Weight: 13.4 lbs
LOP: 13 3/4

Blaser R8 Savanna Big Bore Rifle
.458 Lott

R8 Safari Barrel with Iron Sights & Barrel Band
Kickstop in Stock
Upgraded Bolt Handle – Steel Ball With Checkering
Weight 10.9 lbs
LOP: 14 7/8 "
**Scope Not Included in This Price

Blaser R8 Professional Hunter Rifle
.375 H&H

R8 Safari Barrel with Iron Sights & No Barrel Band
Steel Receiver
Kickstop in Stock
Weight: 9.9 lbs
LOP: 14 7/8 "

Ed Brown 2nd Amendment 1911
.45 ACP