Perazzi Shotguns

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Marco Polo Outfitters is a full line Perazzi dealer. Please check back, we’ll be adding more information about their exciting shotguns soon.

Current Marco Polo Inventory

Perazzi MX8 Sporting Two Barrel Set
12 Gauge

Perazzi MX8 Sporting – Two Barrel Set
Wood: Upgraded SC2 Wood
Right Hand
LOP: 15 Inches
Receiver: Blued
Factory Adjustable Comb
Drop Out Trigger Group
Barrel One: Fixed Choke Barrel Mod / Full

  • Weight With This Barrel Attchached 8.4 lbs
    Barrel Two: Perazzi Screw In Chokes: Seven Chokes
    0 / CL, 0 / CL, 2 / IC,…read more
Perazzi MX8 Skeet Combo
12 Gauge

Two barrel set. Drop out trigger group.

Perazzi MX 12
12 GA

Pre Owned Perazzi Shotgun
MX 12
Upgraded Perazzi Factory Wood
Right Hand Configuration
Barrels: 30 Inch
Factory Adjustable Comb
LOP 16 Inches
Full Set Of Briley Sub-Gauge Tubes

Perazzi MX8 SOLD
12 Gauge

MX8 Drop Out Trigger
Five Seminole Extended Chokes: FL, IM MOD, SKT, LT MOD, IC
New Perazzi Leaf Spring / Firing Pin Kit
Perazzi Grease Tube
Perazzi Black Hard Case

Perazzi SCO Gold 2 Barrel Set SOLD
12 Gauge

Engraved by Galeazzi